Arrange a demonstration of TRADESBase


We can normally arrange a demonstration within a few hours


Demonstrations can take from between 20 min's to 1.5 hrs depending on how much of the system you would like to see. Demonstrations can be given either on your premises or via a broadband (ADSL) link. A demonstration does not commit you in anyway to purchasing and you can see exactly how TRADESBase works. Demonstrations can be arranged no matter where you live and in what country - however please note that if we do not have a local reseller near you - then our nearest reseller will call you and offer a broadband (ADSL) screen sharing demonstration.


Contact us

Tel UK: 0800 011 33 50 or 01243 870369
International: 44 1243 870369
Skype: basetrack



Click here to start a screen sharing demo



  • Push Run - file ready to download
  • Push Run again - opens remote access Netviewer application
  • Enter the session number - We can only start the demonstration when you enter the session number our consultant will give you - this is a 'use once only' session number.


What is the difference between a screen sharing demo and an onsite demo.


In practice very little- the same result is achieved - you will quickly see how TRADESBase will benefit your business. In a screen sharing demo you connect from your PC (this can be any PC either at home or your business premises) to the consultants PC. Once you are connected you will see the consultants PC in exactly the same way you would if the PC was sitting on your desk in your premises. You can then discuss with the consultant what you would like to see - and you can even control the consultants PC from your own PC.